It is with deep sadness we announce the passing of our dear friend, Lloyd Edward Barrett. Lloyd passed away at his home in Crozet December 28, 2023. Lloyd was Professor Emeritus at University of Virginia, Mentor for the UVa Flying Team, former US Army Lieutenant in the Corps of Engineers, devoted family member, and among other things, Rivanna Radio Control Club member. Lloyd endured a long battle with cancer, suffering extensive treatment, yet he fought till the end.

As a long term Club member, his contributions to the club are immeasurable. Lloyd was in charge of our grounds for a great many years. He spent countless hours cutting the grass with basic residential gear. In the later years RRCC purchased a commercial grade mower which made his life just a bit easier. Lloyd always volunteered for every additional project and workday event. You could always find him at the field, where he was usually working. Lloyd had a great attitude. He was quick to smile and laugh, always brightening your day. RRCC purchased an AMA Memorial Brick (Number 1530) in his honor, so he is always remembered on the AMA Walk of Fame.

See Lloyd in action in this PBS Video!

Lloyd was a true friend to so many and an invaluable asset to the Club. We will miss him. May his wings carry him forever skyward. Lloyd is survived by his wife and daughter. Prayers for the family are greatly appreciated. God Speed! Lloyd, RIP

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