Welcome to the Rivanna Radio Control Club at historic Milton Field.

Our Club

The Rivanna Radio Control Club was organized in 1963 and is a Chartered Member #1152 of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. In 1978 the club was incorporated as a non-profit organization. The club was organized to stimulate interest, educate, and provide support facilities for the operation of radio controlled aircraft. We hope that you will join us in this recreational activity that is fun and rewarding. The club conducts its flying activities at Milton Field. The field is available to club members 7 days a week. Powered aircraft may be operated in accordance with a schedule of operating hours and subject to posted sound restrictions. To fly at the field without a Club Instructor one must be:

  1. A current card carrying AMA member
  2. Be a current RRCC member or a guest of and accompanied by an RRCC member
  3. Be approved for the operation of the aircraft to be flown
  4. Shall adhere to the club’s guidelines and rules at all times

The club maintains training equipment for the express use of its flight instructors in providing flight demonstrations and instruction to those new to the hobby. A non-member may arrange an introductory lesson with one of our flight instructors.